Converting CAL regions to XamDockManager

Jan 27, 2009 at 10:05 AM

I started adding docking facilities to an existing CAL Application using Infragistics and the NCAL. I got quite far adopting the Sample, but there are some questions not covered by those or the documentation (at least I didn't find any):
- Can I have the following structure: A single xamDockManager (ApplicationRegion) with different SplitPanes and DocumentContentHosts, with each having several ContentPanes holding my SubRegions. It will look like that:

<igDock:XamDockManager cal:RegionManager.RegionName="{x:Static main:RegionNames.MainRegion}" Theme="LunaSilver" >
 <igDock:SplitPane x:Name="LeftSidePaneName" igDock:XamDockManager.InitialLocation="DockedLeft">
   <igDock:ContentPane Header="Foo Header">
     <ContentControl cal:RegionManager.RegionName="{x:Static main:RegionNames.WorkspaceRegion}" />

I got errors with this structure. Is it possible to combine CAL regions and xamDockmanager regions?
- Another attempt is to use a xamDockManager for each of my old CAL regions. This works, but I can't dock a view to an other region (what would be o.k.) and I cant stretch a view to the whole regions size, when dragged once.

Could anyone give me some hints how to restructure my UI or how to solve the problems?

Feb 2, 2009 at 2:50 PM

Hi Stef,

What errors do you get when using the XAML specified above?  You could eliminate the ContentControl and give the ContentPane a RegionName instead.

Support for moving regions between two XamDockManagers is not supported, because moving panes between two XamDockManagers is not supported.